Yikes! iPhone 15 Ultra price may have you skipping that next upgrade

Yikes! iPhone 15 Ultra pricing may have you skipping that next upgrade
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The iPhone 15 is a long way away, but speculation is in full swing about what we could see in the next iPhone. I, like many, chose to forego updating my iPhone this year because the incremental improvements did not warrant me spending $1,000 on a new iPhone. However, if the latest rumor is to be believed we may be looking back wistfully on that pricing.

According to well-regarded leaker LeaksApplePro, the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 may start at $1,299 next year, a full $200 up from the iPhone 14 Pro Max. So what new features are going to warrant this price bump?

iPhone 14 Pro always-on display

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Pricing aside, some of the rumors have me pondering whether the iPhone 15 could be the one to make me sell an organ and purchase a new iPhone. So far, the predictions that excite me the most are Apple possibly going with a buttonless design, dual front-facing cameras, and the European Union-mandated switch to USB-C connectivity. 

Those changes would be great and might be enough to sway many, as iPhone 14 was the most searched term on Google this past year, so people are clearly paying attention. However, LeaksApplePro had more than just a new price for the top iPhone 15, they stated in a blog post for Howtoisolve that " How can it be “Pro” and “Max” at the same time if Max means “better than Pro”? 

The folks at Cupertino are aware of this incongruity, and it looks like the next “Pro Max” iPhone could be called “iPhone 15 Ultra”, hinting at a device name change that highly regarded Bloomberg contributor Mark Gurman had mentioned previously, so there's a little heat behind this. 

Whatever they call it, the phone better come with a defibrillator if it really starts at $1,299, cause that's more than what my first two used cars cost me. 

With that said, I still may have to buy the next iPhone 15 Thanos Ultra because at this rate the iPhone 16 may cost more than my first SUV. 

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