Windows 11: More than half of users have no idea it's coming next week

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Windows 11 is always on the back of my mind, but that's because I'm a tech journalist. As a Windows Insider, I'm currently testing out the beta channel of the next-generation OS. In being so immersed in the Windows 11 world, from exploring its new features and using it for my everyday productivity, I was taken aback to find out that more than half of Windows users have no idea that Windows 11 even exists.

But after some pondering, I thought, "Why would they?" Unless you're a tech enthusiast or a PC journalist, you wouldn't have tuned in to Microsoft's Windows 11 livestream unveiling on June 24. You'd also be out of the loop if you're not active on Twitter.'s new, fascinating Windows 11 survey sheds light on how Microsoft may need to kick its marketing up a notch beyond livestreams and press releases.

Windows 11 survey reveals that Microsoft needs to step its PR game up

Windows 11 is rolling out to all eligible PCs on Oct. 5. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella boasted that Windows 11 is the most significant update in 10 years, but according to's investigation, 62% of Windows users are totally unaware of its existence. 

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"Only 38 percent of current Windows users said they were aware a major change was coming to the operating system," said. "In fact, two in three users didn’t know whether their computers had the necessary hardware to make the change." 

This coincides with a Windows 11 study conducted by Windows Report, which discovered that 34% of respondents had no idea whether their PC is Windows 11-compatible. If you're a part of that camp, check out the PC Health Check app to determine your PC's upgrade eligibility.

You'd think that the younger crowd would be more "in the know" of the latest news with Windows, but the opposite is true. According to, older Windows users (56%) were more likely to say that they knew Windows 11 is around the corner. Only 28% of young Windows users (between 18 and 24) were aware of the new OS. Yikes!

Interestingly, 45% of respondents said they were unsure whether they'd update to Windows 11. Forty-one percent said they'll go for the upgrade plunge; 14% planned to not update to Windows 11. said that older users were more hesitant to upgrade, which makes sense. They have more history with the buggy updates Microsoft has rolled out in the past.

Out of all of Windows 11's new features, survey respondents are most excited about its ability to run Android apps.

Overall,'s study reveals that Microsoft needs a better communication pipeline with Windows users to keep them abreast of all important, upcoming updates.

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