Windows 11 Microsoft Store to roll out to Windows 10 users — how to get it early

Microsoft Store Windows 11
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The Windows 11 Microsoft Store, as described by our Assistant Managing Editor Phil Tracy, is a major upgrade from its predecessor, featuring a more organized UI and a better variety of tools for developers that benefit its app arsenal. If you're a Windows 10 user who wants to explore the new Microsoft Store, don't worry — your time is here!

Microsoft Store's Principal Architect Rudy Huyn announced on Twitter that the newly revamped app store will be rolling out to Windows 10 users soon, but Huyn did not disclose a release date. However, if you want to check it out early, there is a way.

New Microsoft Store poised to arrive to Windows 10 — how to get it now

Huyn boasted that the new Microsoft Store has a modern design, support for win32 apps, a new Disney+ feature and "way more." The updated app store is rolling out to all Windows 10 users in the near future, but for those who can't wait, you can explore the new Microsoft Store by joining the Windows 10 Insiders Program here.

After logging in with your Microsoft credentials, execute the following actions to get started with the Windows Insider Program:

1. Go to the Settings app and navigate to Update & Security > Windows Insider Program.

2. Click on Get Started. Under Pick an account to get started, click on your Microsoft account.

3. After selecting your Microsoft account, make sure to click on the Release Preview Channel as your Windows Insider setting.

4. Confirm your selection and restart your device.

5. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click on Check for Updates. This will download the latest build in the Release Preview Channel, which should feature the new Microsoft Store.

If you there are some aspects of the Microsoft Store that don't tickle your fancy, make sure to tell Microsoft all about it. The Redmond-based tech giant is all ears and it's big on receiving feedback. Use the Feedback Hub to offload your opinions about the new app store.

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