Watch out! Windows 10 update bug rolls out outdated drivers — What to do

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In another episode of Windows 10 update blunders, Microsoft is catching some heat for rolling out outdated and unsuitable drivers, which could put some machines at risk, Windows Latest reported (via TechRadar).

Microsoft's umpteenth Windows 10 update flub comes on the heels of a recent survey that revealed 60% of IT professionals believe Windows 10 updates are "rarely useful," according to an investigation conducted by Susan Bradley, a network consultant and writer.

Steer clear of this Windows 10 update

Reports about outdated drivers being pushed under the "Optional Updates" section are trickling in. 

Windows !0 Optional updates

Windows 10 Optional Updates page (Image credit: Future)

One Twitter poster spotted a driver that was released 52 years ago.

A poster on Reddit discovered a driver update with a 1970 release date and wondered why they were being prompted to install a 50-year-old driver. The driver update that's currently under scrutiny for being obsolete is called “Intel – System." It was rolled out last week along with other optional driver updates for Windows 10 version 2004.

Windows Latest advises Windows 10 users to refrain from installing "Intel - System" and other defunct drivers displayed under the Optional Updates panel of the Windows Update platform. 

However, if you've already downloaded the archaic driver update, your device driver is now downgraded. Fortunately, there is a fix — you can simply install the latest and most compatible driver from the manufacturer's website.

Another solution is to locate the antique driver in the Device Manager, right-click it and select Properties, switch to the Driver tab and click Roll Back Driver. This, according to TechRadar, will re-install the previous driver that was present before you initiated the obsolete update.

Microsoft, as per Windows Latest, has pulled the offending drivers from the Optional Updates page so you needn't worry about installing an inappropriate update on your machine.

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