Watch out Apple M1! Samsung and AMD may have a killer Windows on ARM solution

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15
(Image credit: Future)

Windows on ARM has a checkered past to say the least, with laptops like the Surface Pro X facing considerable performance and issues. This is part of why Apple’s success right out of the gate with its M1-based Macs was so shocking. 

The compatibility problem is in the hands of Microsoft and app developers but better performance would certainly help gloss over some of those issues and, according to a new report from ZDNet Korea, Samsung and AMD may be teaming up to take on Apple’s M1 laptops (via SlashGear).

Back in 2019, AMD and Samsung announced a “multi-year strategic partnership in ultra low power, high-performance mobile graphics” that most logically assumed was going to be focused on smartphones. It appears that assumption was wrong, or at least too limited in scope, with ZDNet’s sources claiming that Samsung’s Exynos 2200 will be paired with AMD Radeon graphics for a Windows 10 laptop coming in the second half of this year.

This would be welcome news for Windows on ARM hopefuls as Apple’s M1 may have lit a fire under Qualcomm to improve its efforts in this area. Direct competition on Windows is sure to crank up the heat even more. Naturally, it is far from a given that Samsung and AMD will manage to outclass Qualcomm with their fledgling effort. Samsung’s Exynos has historically fallen short of its Qualcomm counterparts in the smartphone realm, but it can’t hurt to have additional companies working on the platform. 

Microsoft has made some strides on the software compatibility front since the last round of Windows on ARM laptops were released, so that's added reason for hope. Last month marked the 10th anniversary of Microsoft announcing Windows on ARM, perhaps this is finally the year it takes off. 

Sean Riley

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