Tiger Lake CPU launch date officially confirmed by Intel slip up

(Image credit: Raisaliya/Shutterstock)

When Intel teased that it had "something big" coming on September 2, the launch of its 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors was certainly at the top of our list. Despite the mixed performance we've seen in leaked benchmarks, there are reasons to be excited for this launch from Intel.

Intel's own investor relations website was the one that spoiled any potential surprise by listing it as "Tiger Lake Virtual Launch Event," so 12pm Eastern time on September 2 is when we will finally get the full story on Intel's latest chips (via PCGamer).

To say that this is an important release for Intel is an understatement as we have seen Apple announce its move to its own chips over the next two years and AMD continues to deliver with its current Ryzen 4000 series CPUs while also having a serious advantage going forward.

The AMD roadmap through 2022 has it on target to hit 5nm while Intel announced yet another delay to its 7nm CPUs, pushing it to 2022 or 2023.

One of the few bright spots we have seen for Intel its the Xe graphics, the integrated graphics found in Tiger Lake. Leaked benchmarks showed it taking down a dedicated GPU from Nvidia and Intel posted a video of a prototype Tiger Lake laptop playing Battlefield V at a steady 30fps.

Hopefully, Intel has a good story to tell for Tiger Lake's release, but regardless of what is said on stage, the real fun will be all of the new laptops arriving with Tiger Lake inside this fall, including the mysterious Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano and many more.

Sean Riley

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