This little-known iPhone trick says your favorite quote every time you charge it

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There's a little-known iPhone trick that lets you program your iDevice to say your favorite quote — or anything at all — every time you insert a Lightning connector into your iPhone's port.

If you can get a hold of your friend or partner's iPhone, it would make a very good prank, too. Could you imagine their reaction after their iPhone blurts out a random quote after charging their iPhone? (If you manage to capture their surprised reaction, please share it with us because we call could use a laugh.)

With some easy tweaks in the Shortcuts app, you'll have your iPhone talkin' in no time.

How to get your iPhone to say a quote every time you charge it

Whether you want to program your iPhone to say your favorite movie quote or just say something quirky and outlandish, you can make it happen in a few short steps.

1. Open the Shortcuts app.

2. Make sure you're on the "Automation" tab. 

3. Tap on the Blue plus (+) button.

Shortcuts app blue plus button

Shortcuts app (Image credit: Future)

4. Tap on Create Personal Automation.

Create Personal Automation

(Image credit: Future)

5. Select Charger followed by Next.

New Automation via Shortcuts app

New Automation via Shortcuts app (Image credit: Future)

6. Tap on Add Action.

7. Type "Speak Text" into the search bar and select it. Type in whatever you want (I'll be putting in "I'm the captain now!"

Shortcuts app iOS

Shortcuts app iOS (Image credit: Future)

8. Tap Next.

9. Toggle off "Ask before Running" and tap Done.

Now, every time you charge your iPhone, it will blurt out whatever you programmed it to say. Woot!

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