This Asus ROG gaming laptop is inspired by skateboard culture — but there's a catch

Asus ROG Strix Nyjah Huston Special Edition
(Image credit: Asus)

Asus has designed a special ROG Strix gaming laptop that is inspired by skate culture. Created in partnership with legend Nyjah Huston, it boasts an Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series GPU, AMD Ryzen 5000-Series CPU and even comes with a fingerboard skate park

Named the ROG Strix Nyjah Huston Special Edition, the concept gaming laptop is built on the foundation of Asus' signature line of ROG Strix SCAR series laptops. 

(Image credit: Asus)

It's a wicked laptop, but the bad news is it's a one-of-a-kind concept gaming laptop made specifically for Huston. However, for those eyeing up this beast, don't lose all hope just yet.

While Asus' post (via Digital Trends) doesn't specifically state what's under the hood, the special edition laptop is based on the company's Strix SCAR 17, which offers up a 360Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time.

Along with the RTX 30 series GPU and AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU, it boasts an optical-mechanical full RGB keyboard and liquid metal cooling tech. Basically, it blends Asus' esports-focused gaming laptops with skateboarding culture. 

(Image credit: Asus)

Design-wise, it has elements that highlight both Huston’s brand and skateboarding culture, with street skateboarding as its focus. The laptop's lid has been designed to be "reminiscent of a city’s concrete structures," with Huston’s logo as its centerpiece. It also sports a “katana cut” RGB slash that lights up behind it, along with an illuminated ROG logo.

A stylish modular "Armor Cap" has also been added to the left corner of the laptop's rear, along with a stainless steel piece replacing one rubber anchor, which Asus claims makes it easier to reposition the device with one hand. Is that a small reference to skateboard tricks, perhaps?

The laptop's keyboard displays a custom font that appears in inscriptions across the chassis. For example, the number keys tally scars from skateboarding practice, with the skull on the 0 key representing rebirth. Along with this, the designers replaced the num lock key on the touchpad with Huston’s logo.

The special concept also comes with customized packaging. The box it comes in doubles as a skate park for fingerboards. Even better, two fingerboards are included with the laptop.

While no gamers or skateboarding enthusiasts alike will get the chance to play on Asus' impressive gaming laptop (or the included fingerboard skate park), we can at least download the specially-made wallpapers and a Nyjah Huston Instagram filter.

In better news, Asus does say that designing this one-of-a-kind laptop has given the company new ways to explore different laptop designs, stating, "those explorations set the stage for future innovations."

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