These Chromebooks are getting a huge battery life boost in 2023 — find out which ones to avoid the duds

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Certain Chromebooks are about to get an enormous boost in battery efficiency with the launch of AMD's new Ryzen processors. These include Ryzen 5's 7520C and 7320C, alongside Athlon's Silver 7120C and Gold 7220C, which are built upon the company's Zen 2 architecture.

Both are designed specifically for Chromebook systems, which is why they're operating on slightly older AMD technology. Regardless, the company has made some intense promises regarding its battery life, claiming a boost up to "3.5 hours longer" when compared with systems featuring similar Intel and MediaTek processors.

AMD Chromebook processors offer promising efficiency

AMD's battery life test were done using crXPRT, an application that measures the efficiency of Chromebook systems and assigns scores to each workload category. These tests were performed on low-to-mid-range Chromebooks. AMD's challenger was the Dell Latitude Chromebook 3445 with a Ryzen 3 7320C processor, 15-inch display, integrated Radeon graphics, and 54Wh battery.

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It went up against the HP Chromebook MT7921 (Intel Core i3-N305, integrated Intel graphics, 15.6-inch display and 58Wh battery) and HP Slim 3 Chrome 14M868 (MediaTek Kompanio 1380 processor, 14-inch display, 47Wh battery and integrated graphics), and according to the company, crXPRT reigned it as a victor in longevity, lasting 3.5 hours more.

AMD goes even further to claim that the Athlon Silver 7120C is expected to last up at 19.5 hours, while the Ryzen 3 7320C could survive for 17 hours. Alongside this, the company suggests we'll see "1.6 times higher average performance" than previous generations of AMD Chromebook processors.

Of course, AMD's tests aren't the end all be all of the conversation: It requires rigorous testing across various Chromebook systems in different environments from many users, and Laptop Mag will be sure to keep on eye on which of the best Chromebooks we test last longer.

In the meantime, check out our list of the longest-lasting Chromebooks thus far. (Hopefully, we can add some more to this list as the year progresses.)

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