The Last of Us creator is hinting at huge news dropping today

HBO's The Last of Us TV Show
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Update 10:42AM: The HBO Twitter account has put out a tweet that shows a clip of the classic HBO intro, but with a sound snippet of a clicker tacked on at the end. We're almost certainly getting our first full trailer today for HBO's The Last of Us.

Update 1:56PM: HBO's The Last of Us official teaser has been dropped. You can watch it below.

The Last of Us means many things to many people, and after The Last of Us Part I broke our hearts and left us gutted (again), its future is both exciting and terrifying. Are we truly ready to get emotionally demolished again? After all, there's a lot to look forward to in the franchise, whether it be Craig Mazin's upcoming The Last of Us TV show or the multiplayer Factions game that's meant to be an enormous experience.

Things get even more exciting when you realize today is The Last of Us Day. We're expecting to receive huge information on something related to The Last of Us after Neil Druckmann sent out a cryptic tweet that seems to hint at something big. Since we've already seen a teaser for the HBO show, many believe we'll finally get a full-length trailer today.

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Craig Mazin responded to Neil Druckmann's tweet with a GIF of Ellie offering a small shrug. If the news was related to Factions, it's hard to imagine Mazin would respond to it, so we're almost certainly getting some news or seeing a trailer for HBO's The Last of Us today.

If you're not aware of HBO's The Last of Us, director Craig Mazin caused ripples throughout the TV world after his 2019 show Chernobyl. It won 10 primetime Emmys and received a total of 85 awards. It's perhaps the most critically acclaimed series of the last decade, so when we learned he would be directing The Last of Us, the fanbase couldn't contain their excitement.

Pedro Pascal takes on the role of Joel and Bella Ramsey will be playing Ellie. We also know that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson (the actors of Joel and Ellie in the game) are set to appear in the show in a not-so-insignificant way.

We're hoping we finally get to see the show in its full glory today, even though it won't be airing until 2023. Regardless, happy The Last of Us Day!

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