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Summer Games Fest 2022: The Last of Us Part 1, Modern Warfare II and Street Fighter 6

Here's everything you missed from Summer Games Fest 2022

The Last of Us Part I
(Image: © Naughty Dog)

Summer Games Fest 2022 has come and gone. We received new game announcements from both AAA publishers and indie developers. Most exciting among the footage was The Last of Us Part 1, Street Fighter 6, and Fort Solis. Personally, my favorite reveal was Routine, a first-person horror game with a soundtrack from the legendary Mick Gordon.


Summer Games Fest 2022 is kicking off with Street Fighter 6. We're seeing gameplay footage of Guile, introduced to the game for the first time.

A new Alien game from 20th Century Fox game is being revealed. It's called Aliens: Dark Descent. It's a top down squad-based shooter.

They're currently showing of The Callisto Protocol through a more "gorey" version of the trailer we saw recently. It'll also be followed up with our first look at gameplay footage. We just saw an incredibly gruesome death, holy hell that was brutal.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is being shown off now. We're seeing some sort of oil rig mission now. It looks like Call of Duty, so you know the drill. Is it over? Can I go to sleep now?

Flashback, A beloved PC franchise, is getting a sequel after 30 years. It's a side-scrolling shooter game.

Witchfire, a dark fantasy first person shooter with realistic graphics and magical spells, has the player facing off against tons of skeletons while using shotguns, bolt action rifles and magnums. It's coming to early access soon.

Fort Solis is a third person sci-fi horror game that takes place on a colony on mars. Not much was revealed, but we know Troy Baker is playing the main character.

Routine, a first person space game with a soundtrack by Mick Gordon. It looks like an atmospheric delve into a futuristic nightmarish world where the player has to sneak and survive against terrifying robots. We didn't get to hear any of Mick Gordon's music, sadly.

Dwayne the Rock Johnson is currently on video in a gym talking about his presence in Fortnite. Then they begin showing off a Black Adam trailer, which we had seen already.

Outriders Worldslayer is being shown off now. It's an upcoming expansion with new weapons and areas, and seemingly new bosses as well.

Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We're now seeing a montage of the many games coming to Nintendo Switch.

We're now seeing a real life advertisement for Fall Guys.

Stormgate has been revealed, a new game and universe from Frost Giant studios. It's from a team made up of many Blizzard ex-developers, particularly those who worked on Starcraft. Unsurprisingly, it seems like a real-time strategy game.

Highwater is being shown off now. It's a cutesy indie game about riding a little boat through a submerged civilization. It seems players get other characters on their boat and ride with them.

American Arcadia is being shown off, where it seems the player is running through a utopia that is on the hunt for them.

Goat Simulator 3 has been revealed. The original is a classic meme game and it seems the sequel is finally in development.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is coming up next. We're gonna see footage of new folks set to join the roster. Venom is currently being shown off first-hand. Spider-Man has also been revealed as a character to appear in the game. The Hulk is now a villain after being transformed by the main antagonist.

Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course is being shown off now. It's finally coming out on June 30.

Neon White is a first-person shooter where the player is in the shoes of an assassin from hell. It looks absolutely chaotic and anime-inspired.

Midnight Fight Express, published by Humble Games, is a top-down action game where the player shoots and fight through a series of levels. It comes out on August 23.

Warframe some new content. We're now watching a teaser for a new update to the game. Warframe The Duviri Paradox is what it's called. Watch Tennolive on Twitch for a free Warframe and Crescent Night Bundle.

Honkai Star Rail is being shown off now. It's a 3D action game with anime-inspired character designs from the Genshin Impact team.

Another Hoyoverse game is being shown off called Zenless Zone Zero. It's a third person action game with tons of crazy combos and different playable characters.

TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is being shown off now. We're now seeing that Casey is playable. It's coming June 16 and will feature a 6-player mode.

Super People, a game in a modern settings and characters with huge guns, was shown off for its final beta starting soon.

New updates are coming to Humankind called Cultures of Latin America. It's purchasable DLC and will also be coming to console.

One Piece Odyssey is being shown off now. We're seeing footage of the upcoming JRPG in which the classic crew crashes on a mysterious new island and is trapped there. It's coming 2022.

Soul Hackers 2

(Image credit: Atlus)

Soul Hackers 2 is being shown off now with its english voice cast. This is a Shin Megami Tensei spin-off, so for fans of the series, this is probably worth looking into.

Metal: Hellsinger, a rhythm first-person shooting game, currently has a demo out now.

The Quarry's launch trailer is being shown off now. It comes out tomorrow and has been receiving pretty positive reviews.

Nightingale is a survival crafting game with intriguing magic systems and procedurally generated realms. Players use Realm Cards to travel between worlds. It seems to be a first person shooter with building elements.

Saints Row Boss Factory demo is out now, giving player's a taste of an introduction to them game. They'll be able to create their character and experience a few parts of the game.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is coming out September 13. It's a first-person shooter that can be played four-player co-op as you and your friends traverse between metallic sci-fi levels.

Layers of Fears is getting a new game from Bloober Team made in Unreal Engine 5. It's coming 2023.

Gotham Knights is receiving an exclusive new look in a character series that focuses on each of the Knights. We're seeing Nightwing's focused trailer now, showcasing his moveset and details about his past.

Neil Druckmann has come on stage to showcase something new in The Last of Us. They're discussing the multiplayer mode and it has become a standalone title. He's not ready to discuss the game just yet. It has a story mode of its own and can be played in a unique way, seemingly through multiplayer.

Druckmann is discussing the TV show and discussing how he directed an episode. We'll hear more about the show very soon. Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker have come up on stage, and are discussing how they'll be appearing on the show with real roles.

They're now discussing the from-the-ground-up remake of The Last of Us. It'll be coming to PS5 and PC. It's called The Last of Us Part 1 and is coming out on September 2.