Sony Unleashes First “Double Full HD” 3D Camcorder, Projector Camcorders, & New Bloggies

The onslaught of 3D at this year’s CES continues with Sony’s introduction today of its dual-lens 3D consumer video camera along with three camcorders with built-in projectors, and three pocket camcorder Bloggie models.

First, the 3D goodness that is the HDR-TD10. Not only does this video camera feature two lenses, it also includes two CMOS image sensors which allows it to capture to 1920 x 1080 video from each lens. This is an important difference as up until now consumer 3D camcorders captured 960 x 480 in each lens and then stitched it together to create the full HD image. Because of the “Double Full HD,” the HDR-TD10 is able to shoot in 2D using just the left lens of the camera. Whether you’re shooting in 3D or 2D, you’ll be able to monitor your shots on the 3.5-inch LCD display without 3D glasses. The videos will playback on compatible 3D TVs, Playstation 3, or in 2D on standard TVs. If you want to capture all of your family’s gatherings in 3D, you’ll have to wait till April when the camera debuts for about $1500.

For fans of instant gratification or for people who can never find an HDMI cable, Sony is releasing three camcorders with a projector built-it into the 3-inch LCD touchscreen display that’s capable of projecting your movies on to a 60-inch screen. These models (HDR-PJ50V, HDR-PJ30V, and HDR-PJ10) feature flash memory ranging from 220 GB to 16 GB and ranging in price from $1000 - $700. The flagship model of this line, the HDR-PJ50V, also includes a built-in GPS receiver with Navteq maps content.

Interested in 3D, but don’t want to make the financial commitment? Sony has that market covered with its 3D Bloggie offering. Available in April for a more affordable $250, the MHS-FS3 Bloggie 3D HD video camera records 1920 x 1080 3D or 2D videos and features two lenses and sensors like it’s big brother. Likewise, 3D videos may be viewed on the 2.4-inch 3D/2D screen without special glasses. This Bloggie also shoots 5 MP stills and features an LED light to help keep those 3D images nice and bright.

If you’re the kind of person who always wants their best side appearing on camera, you’ll probably like the Bloggie Duo HD, which features two LCD screens, one on the front (2-inches) and one on the back (2.7-inches). Like the other pocket camcorders, it’s meant to be taken everywhere and features a slim design and 4 GB of internal memory. It’ll debut in March for $170.

Last but not least, Sony has updated its original Bloggie, the MHS-FS1. Like it’s siblings, it features a 2.7-inch screen on the back, 4x digital zoom, an LED light, and 4 GB of internal memory. It will also be available in March for $150.

LAPTOP Web Producer/Writer