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Passwordless sign-in coming to Chromebooks

Chrome OS
(Image credit: Google)

Some new features are coming to Chromebooks via the recently released Chrome OS 88 update. One of the more notable additions will allow users to sign in more quickly and personalize their lock screens. 

The new sign-in feature is in part to WebAuth, Google's Web Authentication that has been around a while and distributed across Android devices starting back in 2019. Chromebook owners can to sign in to sites that support WebAuth without needing site-specific passwords. Instead, they can opt to use the fingerprint scanner (if your Chromebook has one) or PIN that is used to access your device. The websites most likely will provide a pop up to notify you if WebAuth is supported.

You can also use your PIN or fingerprint as part of your two-step verification process. That will eliminate the need for security keys or authentication software on other devices, which will speed up your whole browsing experience. 

The other new feature is the ability to personalize your lockdown screens with things like current weather, a favorite playlist, and photos from your Google Photo Album account. Both of these nifty little updates have been available on Windows systems and cell phones for a while so it's a nice update that is familiar to all.