Opera browser now fully optimized for Chromebooks — and it comes with a free VPN and crypto wallet

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Forget Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome has another browser competitor that it should keep its eye on. Opera is the first third-party browser fully optimized for Chrome OS devices. The new browser comes with a host of seductive features that were previously unavailable on Chromebooks.

Chrome OS users can now benefit from Opera's complimentary VPN, an attractive selection of color themes, a cookie dialog blocker and more.

Opera, now fully optimized for Chrome OS, offers free VPN feature and more

As of June 2021, Opera secured only a 2.2% share of the browser usage pie, according to Statscounter. Google Chrome (65%), Safari (18.35%), Microsoft Edge (3.3%), Firefox (3.29%) and Samsung Internet (3.18%) are all ahead of Opera in the market-share race. Now that Opera is the first third-party app fully optimized for Chromebooks, it may get some much-needed visibility.

Opera color themes

Opera color themes (Image credit: Opera)

As mentioned, the new Opera tailor-made for Chrome OS features a free, unlimited built-in VPN, protection from irksome cookie dialog boxes, and colorful themes to personalize your browsing experience. There's even a special "night mode" available in the Chromebook-optimized Opera browser that protects users from harmful blue-light.

It doesn't stop there. Digital-asset holders will also appreciate the built-in crypto wallet feature.

Another unique functionality Chrome OS users can enjoy with the new Opera is built-in chatting. The browser gives you instant access to your favorite messengers, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

"From now on, you can chat with friends or coworkers or check your Instagram or Twitter without having to interrupt your browsing or to reach for your phone. All the messengers you might need are within your reach," Opera's Product Manager Stefan Stjernelund said.

Stjernelund added that Opera launched a browser purpose-built for Chrome OS because it foresees massive growth in the Chromebook space; 30 million Chromebooks were sold in 2020 and forecasts predict another 40 million will be shipped this year.

The new Chromebook-optimized Opera boasts that it is fast and lightweight because it was built using the Opera-for-Android platform. But, of course, it adds "custom optimizations" that deliver a full-featured laptop experience for Chrome OS users.

How to download the new Opera browser for Chromebooks

Chrome OS users don't need to wait much longer to experience the new Opera. They can download the new browser on Google Play by clicking here.

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