OnePlus 12 launch date leaked — should you wait?

OnePlus 11 review: Flagship specs, meet elegant design
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The OnePlus 12 has had its release date leaked online, and it's set to launch a year after the previous flagship model. This is no surprise, but if you're a OnePlus user debating when to upgrade, you're probably wondering if you should wait or not.

Twitter user Yogesh Brar claims that the OnePlus 12 will launch in December in China, while its global release comes in February. The OnePlus 11 also launched in February, so this is to be expected, but it is ultimately more than half a year away right now. So should you upgrade to the OnePlus 11 or just wait for the OnePlus 12?

Should you wait for the OnePlus 12?

The OnePlus 11 launched back in February of this year, and we were not shy in showering it with praise. Our very own Mark Anthony Ramirez gave it a 4.5/5 with an Editor's Choice award and loved its stylish design, great camera, powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 performance, gorgeous adaptive display and nearly 13 hours of battery life. He boldly stated "The OnePlus motto is “Never Settle,” and the OnePlus 11 delivers on that promise, allowing me to finally retire my iPhone 11."

A glowing review of this caliber might make it seem like you should leap out of your seat and run to purchase the OnePlus 11 as soon as possible, especially since it's only available for $549 on Best Buy, potentially saving even more with a trade-in. But depending on what current model of the OnePlus you're rocking, it might not be worth waiting.

If you're using the OnePlus 10 or 9, it's probably better to wait. You're not going to notice an enormous gap that makes it worth the price increase, although it's certainly more justifiable if you're using the OnePlus 9. At this point it's absolutely worth waiting for the OnePlus 12. 

If you're sporting a OnePlus 8 or older, purchasing a OnePlus 11 isn't a bad call. You'd have to wait seven months until the newest model, so unless you're okay with dealing with underwhelming performance until then, it could be a good idea. It might also be even smarter to wait until the One Plus 12 launches, not because you'd buy that, but instead purchase the OnePlus 11 for its price drops.

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