New Windows 10 update fixes a long-term issue and lays the old Edge to rest

Windows 10 update
(Image credit: Microsoft)

In 2019, Microsoft launched a Windows 10 update that somehow damaged File Explorer, and it has never been the same until now. The bug would make the system unresponsive whenever you tried to use the search feature. In the recent update of Windows 10 (KB5000842), the bug has been squashed. 

The update also completely removes the old version of the Edge Browser from Windows 10. Windows Latest reported that applying the new update appears to repair the long-standing File Explorer issue and fixed an old memory leak bug. 

The removal of Edge's old version is a blessing to most as it never gained any steam with users after its initial release alongside Windows 10.  Since then, Microsoft created a Chromium-based version of Edge that has been slowly gaining in the browser market. Microsoft has put a great deal of time and effort into updating it, making it very user-friendly. For some odd reason, Microsoft chose to let the original version of Edge hang around like unwanted leftovers people forget about in the back of the fridge. 

Why Microsoft took so long to repair the File Explorer issue is anyone's guess. However, you can download the KB5000842 update at this very moment to address the issue and move forward with your lives, knowing you can finally search through File Explorer without it freezing up. Since it's an additional update, you will have to manually upload it yourself or you can wait until the next automated update, which is expected to come out later this April. 

Mark Anthony Ramirez

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