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Microsoft Edge gets quicker updates to challenge Chrome

Microsoft Edge Updates
(Image credit: Microsoft )

Microsoft is accelerating update releases to a four-week schedule, bringing it on par with Google's timeframe for Chrome updates. The new cycle, announced in a blog post, matches the cadence Google recently announced starting in Q3 of 2021 with the upcoming Chrome 94 build.

"Starting with Stable channel version 94, Microsoft Edge is moving to a 4-week major release cycle cadence," Microsoft wrote. "To help our enterprise customers who need an extended timeline to manage updates, Microsoft Edge will offer an Extended Stable option aligned to a longer, 8-week major release cycle; this option will only be available for customers with managed environments."

"We use a progressive rollout model, which means that new release available for any given device could be staggered over upcoming days."  The Microsoft blog proves what we all know: nobody likes to wait a long time for updates.

Although Edge is considered behind in the browser game, it has recently released a slew of updates that prove Microsoft is putting effort to win over new users and keep core supporters happy. 

The final word from Microsoft regarding Edge is that it would be removing legacy versions of the software that comes pre-installed on the Windows 10-based system. However, legacy versions are expected to be supported up until August of 2021.