Microsoft and Pinterest team up for this Chrome-killing feature on Edge

Microsoft Edge and Pinterest
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Microsoft Edge has been stepping it up with alluring enticements such as Collections, which is an -- wait for it -- edgy bookmarking feature with an innovative twist. Now the browser is teaming up with Pinterest to potentially snatch a greater share of the internet-surfer market.

This news stems from Microsoft Build 2020, a two-day, digital event -- spearheaded by the Redmond-based tech giant -- that's launching on May 19.

In a pithy op-ed, our editor raved about the Edge browser's Collections feature, and even boldly claimed that he would consider giving up his loyalty to Chrome in favor of Microsoft's new Chromium-based web crawler. Other sites, such as Ars Technica, shared the same sentiment about Collections being one of Edge's Chrome-killing features -- and Microsoft wants to take it up with a notch with a new Pinterest collaboration.

What is Collections on Microsoft Edge, anyway?

Collections allows users to organize selected internet content that goes beyond simply saving links in a bookmark folder. 


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For example, you can highlight text on a web page and store it for easy access on your Collections panel. Also, saving images found during a search is more convenient; plus, you can throw in some personal notes to add context to your findings.

Microsoft Edge Collections

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Collections is perfect for research-minded users who need a more refined, organized way of keeping track of their internet discoveries. It's also excellent for online shoppers who are on the hunt for a specific item and need a way to harmonize their search for comparison purposes.

Why is Microsoft teaming up with Pinterest?

Microsoft must have figured that there's no other entity that could spice up Collections better than Pinterest -- a website that skyrocketed into popularity by allowing its users to organize their web findings by "pinning" them onto categorized digital boards. 

Pinterest and Microsoft Edge

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If a user is seeking home decor inspiration, for example, he or she can "pin" all their alluring discoveries, whether it's an image, video or website, to help transform their new apartment into the perfect sanctuary.

According to an announcement from 2020 Microsoft Build, this Pinterest integration is going to make Edge's popular Collections feature a lot "smarter" by suggesting content that's already been organized and assembled by Pinterest pinners.

How will Pinterest work with Microsoft Edge Collections?

Once an Edge user enables the Pinterest option, Collections will show suggestions from Pinterest at the bottom of the panel based on the web content that the user has collected. By clicking on the recommended trending Pinterest boards, users can open the pins crafted by Pinterest users -- and they can also add them to their Microsoft Edge Collection.

You can even export your Collections content to a Pinterest account, which will populate a new board with one's saved webpages and images.

When will Pinterest be integrated into Microsoft Edge Collections?

Participants of Microsoft's Insider program, which allows testers to try out new features and provide feedback, will get first dibs on the new Pinterest feature within a week.

As of this writing, it is unclear when the Redmond-based tech giant will roll out the Pinterest integration to Edge users at large.

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