Live from ASUS’ CES Press Conference

We hope the Eeefanatics are tuned in because we have just taken our seats at ASUS’s Press Conference at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Soon to take stage will be ASUS Chairman Johnny Shih. We will be bringing you updates below just hit refresh for the latest news (the newest updates will appear on top). 4:05 p.m.: The rest of the journalists are asking lots of great questions (I wish I was listening more to the answers) but I saw in the corner the futuristic model which is just called Shared Computing. It was behind glass but here is shot of it.

Here's how ASUS described Shared Computing. [flq:7061941b584c3e52e55fb0277fa6e381] 3:46 p.m.: Opening up the session to questions. Good question about when products will come to market. The S121 will hit at the end of this month. Other than the last futuristic model, the rest should be out in the next 4 to 5 months. 3: 45 p.m.: On to a crazy concept design called Shared Computing. Running a video now of a paper thin laptop. Its all touch. Very futuristic. Doesn't even have a Microsoft OS or maybe this is Windows 107. We are recording the video and will bring it to you soon. Reminds us of the OLPC concept. Probably wont see something like this for another 15 years, but hey its freakin' cool. 3:41 p.m.: Now on display is the EeeTop Nettop. Showing the Easy Mode on top of Windows XP. 3:35p.m.: Well that was quick, Johnny is moving on now to the Eee keyboard. Which has a built in 5-inch touchscreen to the right of keyboard - very Apple looking. Apparently it is its own computer and uses ultra wideband HDMI. It can turn your TV into a large display. We need some more details on this but check out the pictures.

3:30 p.m.: Here we go time to show off the touch in Eee family products. A picture of the Eee PC T91 is on screen, about to run a video of the touch Eee. See details on it here, but pretty snazzy with a touch Easy Mode. It also will have multi-touch functionality. According to the Chairman, the product is not ready for market yet. 3: 26 p.m. They are showing a concept similar to the Fujitsu N7010 with an embedded touch screen in the bottom panel of a laptop (just below the keyboard). But the second screen is actually a separately powered computer powered by an ARM processor. Looks like it is also the trackpad. We will update later with further details.

3:12 p.m.: Next lets go to Touch based computing! They are going to how us notebooks with multi-touch computing.  And going to show us next generation netbooks with multi-touch! Showing a 12-inch N20 notebook and they are showing Microsoft Virtual earth with two fingers. Double tapping to zoom, two fingers to pan...Uh oh! Technical difficulties. Windows error message! Demo stopped because of the technical difficulties. That isn't promising. 3:16 p.m.: Microsoft's Dave Fester is on stage now. Wants to show Microsoft innovation on ASUS products. Windows Live suite? Meh. Microsoft is going to partner with ASUS on Windows 7. He is showing running Windows 7 on the Eee PC 1002HA. "Look at the power of the partnership with Microsoft and ASUS. Look how fast you can get out of standby!"

3:12 p.m.: Officially unveiled the S121. Not an Eee but a Ultra Thin and Light notebook with a 512 GB SSD. Will sport a 12 inch screen with a Z520 Atom processor. See our post here on all the details. 3:11 p.m.: Talking about the WE PC iniative with Intel. They have gotten hundreds of submissions from users on the types of PCs they want to see. Solar powered. All green.

.3:08 p.m.: Background on ASUS growth. We are going to see annoucments today in the areas of mobile computing, touch based computing and shared computing. Yeah touch! 3:05 p.m: ASUS's Johnny Shih just took center stage. He is talking about new concepts and innovations that are inspired by consumers.