iPhone 15 design leaked in images — a HUGE new feature is confirmed

iPhone 15 leaked images
(Image credit: @Unknownz21)

Another day, another iPhone 15 leak. But this time, it’s the clearest look we’ve had so far, and it’s confirmation that the Dynamic Island won’t just be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro.

In photos shared by Twitter leaker Unknownz21, we have a first glimpse of the iPhone 15’s design, which shows a flat display up top, a slight curve to the edges, and most importantly, a step away from the notch. But there is something else too…

Taking a trip to Dynamic Island

(Image credit: @Unknownz21)

You probably already know what it is. But to catch you all up, Dynamic Island is the new pill cut-out on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Rather than just reduce the footprint and call it a day, Apple has turned it into a nifty notification/multitasking section through software.

It swells and fades with different apps, such as the waveform appearing when playing music or a timer counting down, and out of all the updates made to the Pro, it is the most visually significant change.

And now, one year on, it’s looking like this particular Island excursion is coming to all the iPhone 15 models. Yes, the leaked images are of a poor quality. That’s deliberate, so that the pictures are hard to trace back to their source. But that cut-out is still clear as day.

USB-Cya soon!

(Image credit: @Unknownz21)

The other big feature that has been seemingly confirmed is not necessarily descended from the Pro — rather a change being driven by the European Union. Much like a recently leaked picture of the iPhone 15 Pro, it looks as if the entire iPhone 15 lineup will make the transition to USB-C.

We’ve already talked at length about the benefits of this switch, but to summarize, it means less cable waste (one cable can charge pretty much every device you have now), this USB standard can carry a higher wattage for fast charging, and a faster data transfer rate than lightning too.


Way back in September when the iPhone 15 rumors began, it was widely reported that all of this year’s iPhones will get the Dynamic Island. And looking at Apple’s track record of testing something out on one particular model to bring it to everything else, that’s not a huge surprise.

But based on how people have been loving this new interactive pill-shaped cut out, this new option for multitasking is going to be an exciting prospect for those on the upgrade train, who felt disappointed by the big gulf in capabilities between the iPhone 14 and Pro.

Will we see more of the Pro features make the jump? Outside of the A16 Bionic, I’m not so sure. My prediction will be that the 12MP camera system remains (maybe with some small alterations to the aperture and stability), and the display will remain at a rock solid 60Hz. But time will tell.

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