iPhone users can get Samsung Galaxy experience with wild new app — here's how

Samsung Galaxy iTest app
Samsung Galaxy iTest app (Image credit: Future)

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone experience can now be sampled on iPhones, thanks to a new Samsung app called iTest. The Korean-based tech giant is hoping to seduce iOS users to the "other side."

iTest is an interactive app that brings the smooth and intuitive Samsung Galaxy user interface to iPhones alongside familiar Samsung-branded apps such as Galaxy Store, Galaxy Wearable, Galaxy Themes, Samsung Health, Smart Switch and more.

Transform your iPhone into a Samsung Galaxy with new iTest app

The iTest website lures iOS users to scan a QR code, which then prompts them to go through a series of easy steps to download the Samsung iTest app on their iPhone. Once it's installed, users can tap on the app, which triggers a series of provocative introductory messages, including "You're about to get a little taste of Samsung without changing phones. Watch out for text messages with hints on the best stuff to check out."

Samsung itest

Samsung iTest website (Image credit: Samsung)

After the introduction, iOS users can experience the Samsung Galaxy interface in all of its glory. I experimented with the iTest app on my iPhone SE 2, and I could scroll through apps such as Settings, Email, Samsung Kids, Samsung Health and Galaxy Wearable, however, some of these apps are just simulations and don't have any real functionality. For example, clicking on the Samsung Health app shows faux stats of the number of steps I've walked and how many calories I've consumed, but I can't really do much with the app besides scroll through it.

After five minutes of using the Samsung iTest app, I was startled by a phone call by someone named "Sam." I picked up, and it was a canned voice recording from a woman with a thick Australian accent. I'm paraphrasing, but Sam told me that I should feel free to explore the many fun features the iTest app has to offer and I shouldn't be afraid to jump ship to the other side.

I also received texts on the iTest app. I received hilarious messages from a fake friend who's apparently a parent — it seems like their daughter has gotten a hold of their phone and she's sending poorly framed selfies of herself to me with a bunch of gibberish texts.

Samsung iTest

Samsung iTest (Image credit: Samsung)

iTest users will also enjoy the Camera app, which features videos of all the cool camera modes one can explore on a Samsung Galaxy phone. I could even change the background of my Samsung Galaxy simulation via the Galaxy Themes app.

Samsung itest

Samsung itest (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung is currently marketing this experience in New Zealand, but anyone can try out the iTest app here.

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