iPhone 15 Pro’s thunderous charging speeds may only be available for a price — here’s why

iPhone 15 Pro
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The iPhone 15 Pro is just a few weeks away, and the USB-C port has been fully dissected through leaks. Now, we’re getting information about the fact you will only be able to make the most of it with an additional accessory.

This comes from leaker @KosutamiSan on X, who claims if you don’t want to settle for sluggish Lightning speeds of the included cable, you’ll have to cough up for an additional cable that supports the Thunderbolt capabilities of that port.

Thunderbolt at a cost

According to the leaker, this 0.8-meter braided cable is rated at USB 4 Gen 2 — a standard that supports full Thunderbolt speeds, which means up to 150W of power output. Not to say the iPhone 15 Pro would support that, or even make the most of the quicker data transfer speeds, but it does mean we will see at least a jump in port performance over the sluggish Lightning.

You’ll also notice this cable is shorter than the 1.6-meter option included in the box, which is claimed to support only USB 2.0 speeds. This would be to reduce the path of resistance that would limit the potential wattage of this cable.

Like I said yesterday, it’s a shame that Apple is going to charge you to unlock a key new feature of the iPhone 15 Pro — especially given that there is a rumored price increase coming to these models.


The closer we get to Apple’s September event, the faster the iPhone leaks roll in. That much is obvious with how speedy this charging cable story is moving, and just as we suspected, it seems as if Apple is going to charge you extra for the Thunderbolt privileges.

This could be a long overdue upgrade to the charging speed, but the fact it's only coming to the pro iPhones is more than a little disappointing. Apple’s slabs are amongst the slowest charging smartphones in the world right now, and to increase this speed is the easiest goal the company could have scored.

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