iPhone 13 leak reveals unexpected redesigns — could there be a second front-facing camera?

Design mockups of iPhone 13 models
(Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

The iPhone 13, reportedly headed our way in mid-September, will likely only have a few design tweaks compared to its predecessor. The iPhone 13 will still sport the iPhone 12's candy-bar-shaped chassis, however, new leaks show rearranged rear cameras — and the possibility of a second front-facing camera.

MySmartPrice purportedly snatched renders of the iPhone 13, giving us a peek inside Apple's design plans for the highly anticipated next-gen smartphone (via BGR)

The iPhone 13 rear cameras get rearranged

The renders obtained by MySmartPrice are supposedly of the iPhone 13: the device that precedes the Pro but follows the iPhone mini. 

iPhone 13 leak

iPhone 13 leak (Image credit: MySmartPrice)

According to the design leak, the iPhone 13's dual rear cameras will be structured diagonally instead of vertically. The flash will be relocated to the top-right of the module and the noise-cancelling microphone will be placed on the bottom-left.

iPhone 12 mini long-term review

The iPhone 12 (Image credit: Laptop Mag)

MacRumors theorized that the reason behind the rearrangement could have something to do with the rumored new sensor-shift optical image stabilization (OIS) feature, which may be added across the whole iPhone 13 line-up. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the only tier that supports sensor-shift OIS, and similar to the iPhone 13 renders, the wide camera is positioned diagonally from the ultra-wide camera. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max review

iPhone 12 Pro Max (Image credit: Laptop Mag)

This may just be a coincidence, though. The Pro Max's wide and ultra-wide lenses could be set up diagonally to make more room for the telephoto lens inside the module. Perhaps Apple rearranged the iPhone 13's rear cameras for the heck of it and the rearrangement doesn't foreshadow any internal changes, but we thought the cameras' position on the Pro Max was worth mentioning.

Other noteworthy features spotted on the iPhone 13

Previous leaks substantiated claims that the iPhone 13 notch will be more narrow, but taller, extending a little more into the screen real estate than its predecessor; this leak is no different.

iPhone 13 leaks

iPhone 13 leaks (Image credit: MySmartPrice)

The iPhone 13 renders MySmartPrice obtained also reveal a less-wide, but slightly taller notch. This is because Apple is reportedly moving the earpiece to the top bezel, pushing the notch deeper into the iPhone 13 display.

Could the iPhone 13 have a second front-facing camera?

Another minor, but noteworthy design change is the positioning of the three cut-outs on the notch. The iPhone 12 has two cut-outs grouped together on the left and a third one on the far right of the notch. The trio of cut-outs houses the dot projector (for FaceID), an infrared camera and the selfie camera. The iPhone 13 leak, however, reveals that all of the three cutouts will be placed right next to each other with smaller gaps in between them. There's also an additional cut-out, according to the renders, so there are four in total.

MySmartPrice suspects that the additional cut-out augurs the presence of a second front-facing camera, hence why the earpiece got kicked out of the notch.

Get your grain of salt ready, though. MySmartPrice doesn't have an established history of obtaining leaks and renders of upcoming Apple products, so it's difficult to say how reliable they are. To keep abreast of all iPhone 13 news, make sure to visit our oft-updated iPhone 13 rumor hub.

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