iPhone 13: 80% of Android users are not interested — here's why

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The iPhone 13 is expected to hit store shelves in just a few weeks. It's reportedly packed with eye-catching features such as Apple's first-ever 120Hz display, a smaller notch, improved cameras, longer battery life, and more.

Still, according to a new survey conducted by SellCell, these new tweaks aren't seductive enough to attract Android users to the iPhone world. Only 18% would consider upgrading to an iPhone 13.

Why Android users have no interest in iPhone 13

Majority of Android users revealed that they have no interest in upgrading to an iPhone 13. As mentioned, less than a fifth of Android users (18%) would transition to the Apple realm. SellCell noted that this is a significant drop compared to last year's survey; a third of Android users (33%) said they would be open to purchasing an iPhone 12.

SellCell asked the Apple-averse Android users why they had no interest in switching to iPhone. Most are turned off by the iPhone 13's non-existent fingerprint reader (32%).

As we reported last week, Apple allegedly planned on installing an under-screen Touch ID to the iPhone 13, but the feature wasn't satisfactory enough to make it to market. Even some Apple users are yearning for the return of the fingerprint scanner. Face ID can be inconvenient as mask mandates become a way of life.

Other iPhone aspects that deter Android users from upgrading include poor customizability (17%) and no support for sideloading apps (13%). 

iPhone 13 survey

iPhone 13 survey (Image credit: SellCell)

Among the 18% of Android users who would purchase an iPhone 13, the main draw is Apple's software support (51%) followed by the ecosystem integration (24%) and privacy protection (11%). 

iPhone 13 survey

iPhone 13 survey (Image credit: SellCell)

Apple products all work seamlessly together, so there's a good chance Android users are eyeing the iPhone 13 for a more cohesive, harmonious experience. On top of that, Apple has developed a reputation of being the better choice for privacy-concerned users who don't want apps to follow their digital trail.

Unsurprisingly, current iPhone owners are more willing to purchase the upcoming iPhone 13; 44% intend to upgrade to the next-generation Apple device.

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