iPhone 12 users suffer from dropped signal issues — what we know

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Many iPhone 12 users are lighting up torches and raising pitchforks against Apple for frequent cellular-signal issues with their brand-spankin' new phones (via TechSpot).

Owners of Apple's new phone line flocked to the Verizon, AT&T and iPhone subreddits to voice their frustrations with their iPhone 12's signal snags. All models seem to be affected. Reports have stemmed from both 5G and LTE networks.

Angry iPhone 12 users take to Reddit to report signal dropping issues

"I received my 12 Pro today, and within 5 minutes of leaving the house, I experienced my first drop in cell service," a Reddit poster said. "I figured it could be a one-off, but sure enough, while down in a well developed city with excellent reception, it drops again and does the same thing."

The thread incited a fiery discussion among other iPhone 12 users who've suffered the same fate. With Apple remaining mum about the issue, Redditors banded together to unravel the mysteries behind the cellular-signal bug, and a consensus was formed.

Redditors concluded that this problem isn't on their carrier's end — Apple is the culprit. "[Verizon] said that there is a major issue with iPhone 12 devices and it’s not just on Verizon, but other carriers as well," one Redditor said. 

"I can confirm it’s not a carrier issue because I’m in Tokyo japan on the AU network and I’ve had the signal drop on me 3 times already in less than a week," another chimed in.

Another common thread Redditors discovered is that their signal drops while they're moving (e.g. driving), which sparked iPhone 12 users to theorize that the bug stems from cell-tower switching as one travels. Whether the iPhone 12 is on the 5G or LTE network, the problem persists, according to reports.

Apple's Tech Support forum is also marred with reports about the signal bug on the iPhone 12. One thread has 15 pages of discussion concerning this issue.

Posters on both sites (Reddit and Apple Tech Support) say one "solution" that temporarily fixes this issue is toggling airplane mode off and on. 

We've reached out to Apple to see what plans it has to rectify this cellular-signal bug, and we'll update this article should we receive a response.

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