iPhone 12 may have entered production without this key display feature

(Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

The iPhone 12 looks like it will be an impressive upgrade from last year's iPhone 11 with the first major design change for the phone in a number of years and the move to OLED displays for the full lineup for the first time.

However, according to reliable Apple leaker Jon Prosser, the displays on the iPhone 12 will come up short in one crucial regard compared to other 2020 flagship smartphones as they entered mass production this week and that is the refresh rate.

We've had previous indications that Apple might not be able to deliver 120Hz displays for the iPhone 12 Pro models as it originally intended. However, there was some hope particularly given the delayed release of the iPhone 12 this year that the company would find a way to make it happen.

Prosser's sources say that hope is now gone as the iPhone 12 has entered mass production with no solution in place. 

Apple fans have had a taste of what this high refresh rate looks like. ProMotion was introduced on the iPad Pro back in 2017 with the ability to shift between 60Hz and 120Hz as needed. As gamers will certainly be aware, it creates smoother and more seamless visuals and in the smartphone world leads to a superior touch experience as the display more closely reflects touch events. 

It's also a hit in terms of the competitive smartphone landscape as all of Samsung's flagship smartphones this year have included 120Hz displays including the massive foldable Galaxy Z Fold 2. While diehard Apple fans are unlikely to switch away for this alone it is an advantage that Samsung will certainly press for the next year.

Sean Riley

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