iPhone 12: Don't break the display! Here's the pricey repair cost

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The iPhone 12 is supposedly equipped with the toughest smartphone glass in the world: Ceramic Shield. Although the phone's display is durable and sturdy, it's not shatterproof. If you do manage to break the ceramic shield, it will cost you a pretty penny.

Repairing a broken iPhone 12 display, according to Apple (via The Verge), will cost you almost $300.

iPhone 12: Repair costs of the ceramic shield display

Apple claims that the drop performance of the iPhone 12 is four times better than its predecessor. In other words, if the iPhone 12 drops, its chance of surviving the fall unscathed has quadrupled compared to the iPhone 11. This is, in part, due to iPhone 12's ceramic shield-protected OLED display.

Still, despite the iPhone 12's breakthrough in display-glass technology, it is still fracturable. Once the smartphone is out of warranty, repairing the display of the iPhone 12's base model will cost you $279 — an $80 increase from the screen-repair price tag of the iPhone 11.

iphone 12 screen repair

iPhone 12 screen repair costs (Image credit: Apple)

Repair costs for other damages on the iPhone 12 base model will cost you a whopping $449, which is a $50 increase compared to the iPhone 11.

Repair costs for the iPhone 12 Pro have not increased. The price tags for screen repairs and other damages (e.g. liquid damage) for both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro are $279 and $549, respectively.

If you have Apple Care+, a protection plan that extends your warranty beyond the limited coverage Apple ships with its devices, screen-replacement service will cost you $29 while repairs for other damages are priced at $99.

To sum it all up, repair costs for the iPhone's base model have increased by at least $50, but the price of fixing an iPhone Pro model has remained unchanged. If the ceramic-shield protected OLED display of the new iPhone is as "tough" as the company claims, you don't have to worry about the sky-high repair costs anyway.

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