iOS 17 lockscreen to steal Echo Show's look? 3 new features rumored for iPhone

iPhone and Amazon Echo Show
(Image credit: Future/Amazon)

We already gushed about iOS 17 possibly getting a new Wallet design, and now, we're hearing gossip about the major OS update offering brand spankin' new lockscreen perks.

According to respected Apple insider Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist, iOS 17 is getting a handful of new features that is reminiscent of the interface Google and Amazon rolls out to its own products, including the Nest Hub and Echo Show, respectively.

These new features, according to Gurman, will appear on the lockscreen, particularly when the user is holding their iPhone in landscape mode. Without further ado, let's dive into the three new perks coming to your iPhone.

iOS 17 lockscreen could have smart home display-like features

The lockscreen on your iPhone will reportedly show details about your upcoming calendar appointments, weather, and notifications à la smart-home displays like Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub.

iOS 17 feature rumor

Twitter/@AppleHub (Image credit: Twitter/@AppleHub)

However, according to Gurman, this interface will only appear when the iPhone is positioned in landscape mode. Apple reportedly has a mission to make iPhones more useful while they're positioned horizontally (e.g., while your iPhone is sitting on your desk or nightstand).

This new interface stems from Apple's wider push to bring more live content to users' iDevices, including the Apple Watch. Gurman says this new feature is expected to hit users' iPhones later this year.

2. iOS 17 may get a new journal app

Gurman didn't dive too much into this, but apparently, Apple is planning on rolling out a new journaling app that lets you take notes and adds a "stronger social element" to the iPhone. 

journaling app on iPhone

journaling app on iPhone (Image credit: Getty Images/FreshSplash)

I can't help but wonder whether the journal app will be redundant, especially since iOS already comes with a Notes app, but perhaps it will have more of a "Dear Diary" sophisticated touch to it while the Notes app is simply designed for haphazard note jotting.

3. iOS 17 may add more Health perks

The major iOS 17 update is also expected to roll out new capabilities that allow users to log their current mood. Users may also get a new feature that helps them cope with weak vision. Gurman hints that this may be a part of Apple's new initiative to introduce an AI-powered health-coaching service to track users' emotions, which he leaked in April.

iOS 17 feature rumor

iOS 17 feature rumor (Image credit: Twitter/@AppleHub)

The name of this new coaching service is codenamed Quartz, and it is designed to enhance users' eating habits, exercise motivation, and sleep. It's also worth noting that the Cupertino-based tech giant plans to bring the Health app to iPad, too.


As a bonus for you reading this far, you should also know that Apple is working on improving SharePlay (the feature that lets you FaceTime with friends while using other apps like Apple TV). "[Apple] has held discussions with hotels [...] that offer TVs and speakers, aiming to make it easier for users to beam video and audio to devices they don't own."

Another tidbit we're hearing is that Apple will use a dark background and bright text design, making it easier to for users to read the lockscreen.

Although Gurman is a respected Apple leaker, I'd suggest keeping your grain of salt handy. We don't know whether these iOS 17 features will surely come to iPhone until Apple announces them at WWDC 2023.

Don't forget to check out our oft-updated iOS 17 rumor hub for more gossip about the major OS update.

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