iOS 16.4: Apple to add new features that may excite podcast lovers

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No, iOS 16.4 isn't ready for public release just yet, but Apple couldn't wait to boast about a few new upcoming features, namely updates to the Podcasts app.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is poised to unveil new enhancements to the audio-streaming service's UI, making it easier for users to track which episodes they haven't listened to yet, how long ago they were published, and much more. 

Apple Podcasts updates

Apple is adding a new Channels menu to the Podcasts app, which you'll find in the Library section. How will this benefit you? Well, as Apple mentioned in its Feb. 6 blog, when a listener follows a show that is part of a specific channel, it will be added to the Channels menu.

"Channels that listeners subscribe to are located at the top, followed by channels for free shows that listeners follow," Apple said. If the new Channels menu doesn't tickle your fancy, the Cupertino-based tech giant said you can always hide it by going to the "More" button (three-dot icon). You can also slide the Channels section to your desired position in the Library section with this button.

Channels menu Podcasts app

Channels menu in Podcasts app (Image credit: Apple)

Next, Apple is improving how episodes are presented to listeners. For example, at the top of each show page, users will be able to see how many unplayed episodes are available. Secondly, Apple updated the Recently Updated section of Library, allowing users to better understand how recently episodes were published. Users will also be able to easily identify "early access" episodes that are made available to them if they're subscribers.

These new updates are expected to be featured in iOS 16.4 as well as iPadOS 16.4 and macOS 13.3. You may be wondering, "When will these updates roll out to the public?" Apple says that it expects to release them later this spring.

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