Intel targets Ryzen 5000 with powerful 8-core Tiger Lake CPUs — and they're arriving soon

(Image credit: Intel)

Laptop maker XMG spilled some serious tea on Reddit about the much-rumored and highly anticipated Tiger Lake H45 processor from Intel. The already confirmed 8-core supercharged CPUs for laptops should be added to the Tiger Lake lineup near the end of Q2 of this year. 

Intel only recently released its 4-core 11th Gen Tiger Lake H35 processors at CES 2021 but also used that event to showcase the upcoming 8-core, 16-thread CPUs without providing a release date. 

If XMG is accurate, the upcoming XMG laptops will become available with the new Tiger Lake H45 processors with 6 to 8 cores and clock speeds of up to 5GHz turbo. XMG stated, "The currently known XMG laptops (except CORE 14) will only be available with Tiger Lake once there is Tiger Lake H45 with 6 to 8 cores. The launch of H45 is currently not announced but rumored to be at the end of Q2 this year." 

The company continued, "We have plans to transition various XMG product families from Comet Lake to TGL H45 when the time comes. On some families, AMD Cezanne and Intel Tiger Lake might be offered in parallel. But the exact plan (which SKU gets what and when) is not set in stone yet and currently too early to discuss."

All of this correlates with a report from AnandTech that seems to confirm the Q2 market launch. Ian Cutress at AnandTech said, " Intel says that these processors will start production and ship in Q1, which likely means that the actual products will come to market in Q2." With Intel recently confirming that the Tiger Lake H series will boost up to 5GHz using multiple cores and offer up to 20 PCI Gen 4.0 lanes, which means faster performance with improved battery life. 

With Intel's incoming CEO, Pat Gelsinger, recently dropping the gauntlet and predicting that "Intel would reclaim its chipmaking crown," news of the upcoming 8-core H series is something to get excited about. 

Mark Anthony Ramirez

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