Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 remaster all but confirmed — new Horizon multiplayer game too!

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Sony is no stranger to remakes and remasters, and according to several reports from reputable gaming publications, including VGC and Gematsu, it appears the next title in the company's catalog to receive this treatment will be Horizon Zero Dawn. 

We're not 100% sure if this is a ground-up remake in the way The Last of Us Part I was or if it'll just be an incremental improvement. Otherwise, the remaster plans to feature enhanced lighting, overhauled textures, character models on par with Horizon Forbidden West, and better animations.

Additionally, it seems that Guerilla Games' multiplayer title set in the Horizon world is still set to launch according to the original report from MP1ST. This was initially reported over a year ago by VGC, which didn't have confirmation that it would be set within the world of Horizon, but with this new report, that seems to be the case.

Sony expanding first-party catalogue on PC

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According to VGC's sources, co-op was always planned to be a key feature in Horizon Zero Dawn, so its omission and repurposing towards a dedicated title makes sense. This also lines up with Sony's recent announcement that it plans to launch more than 10 live service games by the end of 2026

Remastering the first game for the next generation and giving the world its own multiplayer iteration is something both Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us have in common. I wouldn't be surprised if Horizon Zero Dawn receives a full-blown remake on PS6, so we can look forward to that in 2026 presumably, right after it becomes easy to find a PS5.

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