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Halo Infinite release date may have just been revealed — mark your calendar

Halo Infinite Developers Respond to Criticism
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The delayed release of Halo Infinite was a crushing blow to Xbox fans ahead of the Xbox Series X launch last fall. It was unquestionably the signature launch title for the console and the delay was made all the worse by its initially indefinite nature before Microsoft eventually narrowed it down to "fall 2021." 

That's still a pretty big window of time, but Verlon Roberts, one of the voice actors for the game, recently appeared on the Fadam and Friends podcast and while discussing his audition for that role mentioned that, "now it's pushed to later November this year." (via TechRadar)

Roberts adds that he is voicing Spartan Griffin, a character who has previously appeared in the Halo extended universe, specifically the Shadows of Reach novel. But even for a voice actor with a fairly prominent role in the game, this news needs to be taken with at least a few grains of salt as it's unclear why the exact release date would be shared with him. If you want to hear his comments for yourself jump to 1:10:45 in the video version of the podcast below.

Caveats aside, November was already the favorite launch target as it will be both a full year from the original release date and, more importantly, November 15 will mark the 20th anniversary of the original Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox. It's hard to imagine that Microsoft wouldn't capitalize on that timing just to push the game out a month or two earlier. It also still sets up nicely for ads running into the holiday buying season, which will be great if it's actually easier to go out and buy an Xbox Series X by then.