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Google Meet green room lets you prep your tech before going live

Google Meet
(Image credit: Google )

When I heard Google added a green room feature to Google Meet I was a little excited after spending over 20 years hanging out in comedy club green rooms. Sadly, Google Meet green room is not a place to share drinks or tales from road gigs gone awry. The Google Meet green room allows users to fine-tune their settings before hopping into a meeting. 

Most of you are thinking, "I thought that's what the 'Ready to join area was for?'" In theory yes, you're right. However, Meet's new green room provides a few features you could find very handy. 

With the new green room feature, you can quickly click the button to check your audio and video in a preview window to make sure there are no issues with sound or video quality. It's a good way to ensure your internet connection is operating well and that your streamed audio and video is not freezing up or acting buggy. 

Google states that if the green room feature catches any issues it will alert you. That way you can adjust your settings or even change which equipment you're using if you have an external webcam or a USB microphone. 

Google green room has started appearing within the Google Workspace and G Suite and should be readily available to all users within the next 15 days.