Google Chrome is rolling out a new privacy-focused update — invasive websites will hate it

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Google is launching Chrome 92, a security and privacy-focused update that will have invasive websites shaking in their boots. Chrome 92 will make it easier for users to determine whether they've granted websites permission to access their microphone, webcam, location and other personal data.

Chrome 92 will also expand upon its well-received Chrome Actions feature, which was introduced last November.

Chrome 92 introduces a better way for users to track permissions

Prior to Chrome 92, Chrome users may occasionally see a pop-up box asking whether they're OK with allowing a website to access their webcam and microphone. With the new update, you can now track the permissions you've granted to each website — and you can toggle them on or off with ease via a drop-down menu.

Chrome 92

Chrome 92 (Image credit: Google)

In the coming weeks, Google says that it will add a new feature to this drop-down menu: an option for users to delete a specific webpage from their browsing history.

Chrome 92 will expand Chrome Actions in the coming weeks

As mentioned, Chrome 92 is also expanding its Chrome Actions feature, which lets users execute commands via the address bar. For example, you can execute tasks by typing in "delete history," "clear cookies" and "manage passwords" without going through the hassle of finding these options in Settings.

Chrome 92

Chrome 92 (Image credit: Google)

With the new update, Google is adding three new commands: "manage security settings," "manage sync," and "safety check." The latter will perform an audit of your passwords to determine how secure they are; it will also launch a scan to search for malicious extensions.

Google is also expanding Site Isolation, a security-focused feature that aims to protect users from malicious websites.

"The magic [of Site Isolation] lies in processing each site separately, so they can't access data they're not supposed to," Google Product Manager Audrey An said. Instead of covering a select number of websites, Site Isolation will now cover a broader range of sites, including Chrome extensions. This tweak, according to Google, also will improve Chrome’s speed and performance.

Better phishing protection is another Chrome 92 perk. The new update improved its phishing-protection image processing in the browser; it's reportedly 50 times faster and less of a drain on your battery.

Chrome 92 for Android and iOS is rolling out today. Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS will receive the update in the coming weeks.

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