Chrome may resurrect Google Reader with this new feature

Google Chrome
(Image credit: Google)

You will soon be able to track websites of interest in Google Chrome by using a new Follow button. It's been several years since Google killed off its popular RSS reader, Google Reader, leaving its users to seek others like NewsBlur, Old Reader, and the popular Feedly.  

However, a recent discovery in the latest Canary build could change this as it appears that Google may have come up with something to feed its users the RSS feeds they most enjoy. 

In the most recent Canary build for Android, a "Follow" overlay will appear on sites that support the feature. The feature can also be accessed via the settings menu. Although it is not known how Google plans to implement the feature and its full capabilities, it does appear that you can subscribe to the site and be alerted when the site is updated. 

At the moment, the "Follow" button is inert and not functional so what its full functionality will be is unknown, but, logically, we suspect the new feature will keep users updated as to new content made available on their favorite sites. 

The latest canary build for Chrome is available at the Google Play store if you wish to see it yourself. 

Mark Anthony Ramirez

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