Beyond Good and Evil 2 continues to struggle as managing director leaves Ubisoft

Beyond Good & Evil 2
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has not had an easy time as of late, and the company continues to undergo bad press as the Beyond Good and Evil 2 managing director, Guillaume Carmona, has left the development team according to a Kotaku report

Alongside this report, Inspection du Travail (a labor inspection group in France) is currently investigating Ubisoft Montpellier due to the reported struggles behind development. It's apparently not uncommon for employees to take time off or experience exhaustion, which means the local organization is seeking to unravel the finer details of work life at the company.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has experienced several issues in development, with the game first being revealed back in 2008 and re-revealed in 2017, yet after 15 years of progress, the game is reportedly still in early stages. Kotaku reports that Beyond Good and Evil 2 has yet to find a creative vision that works, which might mean that the early gameplay shown in 2018 is not relevant anymore.

Kotaku also received a direct response from Ubisoft, with the company claiming that its priorities are ensuring their team is healthy, alongside a third-party investigating the well-being of its employees, analyzing the necessity for support and preventative measures. 

While Ubisoft has stated this, Kotaku's sources simultaneously claim that many developers took extended leaves due to poor work conditions, which is what resulted in the French labor group's investigation to begin with.

Ubisoft has undergone a rough patch in general, facing several delays and cancellations of its games, so this bit of news doesn't seem to help the company's case. 

Hopefully the employees at Montpellier get the support it needs and can finally put together the project it has been working on for so many years.

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