Battlefield 2042's dynamic tornadoes could be a disaster — leaker claims they 'ruin' experience

Battlefield 2042
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EA's highly-anticipated Battlefield 2042 is set to arrive this October and introduces dynamic weather to the long-running first-person shooter franchise. Apparently, it isn't the game-changing feature that gamers were hoping for.

According to prominent Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson, feedback of the game's new tornado feature in one of the maps is critical. Multiple early testers claim they get "repetitive," and even go as far as saying they ruin the "classic BF experience and flow of the map." 

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Henderson points out this early feedback came from multiple people a few months ago and he believes the spawn rate of the tornadoes may have been dialed up a notch during testing. Once the game releases, the rate at which they appear could be adjusted.

Ever since Battlefield 2042's reveal trailer was made public, opinions of the game were split into two camps: those praising the frenetic thrill-ride and those bemoaning the price and lack of a campaign. Based on the early playtesters' opinions, this thrill ride may quickly grow tiresome.

While tornadoes were one of the spotlights shown to display Battlefield's dynamic weather, other maps appear to trigger other events. Maps in Battlefield 2042 are based in Antarctica where players fight over oil, a new version of Doha where you'll face sandstorms, a dried seabed in India filled with ship remains, and a metropolis in South Korea.

It's clear from the trailer that dynamic events take place during rounds (like a missile launch), but will every match see the same type of event? If so, will they occur as frequently as the playtesters claim? It appears developers DICE will be trading a single-player campaign for these big set pieces, but it could very well ruin the gameplay that has kept Battlefield fans from jumping ship to Halo, COD or other first-person shooters.

On July 22, EA is set to host an EA Play event which may address the frequency of changes in the environments on maps due to dynamic weather. Still, we won't know for sure until it arrives on PS5Xbox Series X, and last-gen consoles on October 22. 

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