Android 14 may add a new split-screen feature that is a game changer for multitasking — here’s why

Google Pixel Fold
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Android 14 Beta 2 has just dropped, and a new game changing update to the split-screen app view has been seemingly leaked.

Mishaal Rahman has spotted a new feature that could allow users to save app pairs as shortcuts for quick and easy opening — rather than having to go through the rigmarole of re-opening them both individually every time.

Taking shortcuts

So, one of the main frustrations around the split-screen view of apps is the fact that you have to set them up every time you re-open the apps (unless you leave them running in the background).

With the “save app pair” option, the assumption by Rahman is that it will be saved as a shortcut on your home screen. This sounds small, I know. But it’s got huge implications for those that live religiously by this feature (like me), and it will be a huge power user feature for big screen/foldable users who may be picking up the likes of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Pixel Fold.

At the moment, hitting “save app pair” doesn’t actually do anything, so this is an educated guess. But it would be a great step forward for the split-screen feature.


Split-screen mode has been one of my most used features on Android — from drafting tweets in notes to citing information from websites in an email. To be able to save app pairs as a shortcut is the next logical step for power users.

It’s a small tweak amongst all the other tiny adjustments Google is making, but that is where we are with smartphone OS updates. They already do practically everything we’d want, so it’s about making those same features better until the next big demand comes round.

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