2K customer support has been hacked: Reset your passwords now!

2K games support compromised
(Image credit: 2K)

2K Games' customer support account was breached by an unauthorized third party that illegally accessed its credentials. A vendor that assists users on 2K's platforms was forced to send some customers a link that could compromise their email accounts, account passwords, banking, and more.

2K Support sent out a tweet yesterday detailing the events and the steps users should take to ensure that their accounts are not breached. After all, the information that could have been stolen goes far beyond just games related to 2K's platforms. Users need to take an abundance of caution, and from now on, should NOT open any emails or click links received from 2K Games Support.

If you did click on a malicious link from 2K Games Support, there are a few steps you should take to ensure your accounts remain safe. 

1. Reset all passwords stored in your web browser. Anything that is automatically filled out for you whenever you access a website could be in jeopardy. If you're unsure whether you should reset it, do it anyway. It's better safe than sorry.

2. Use an anti-virus app. Running Windows Security should be good enough to check if your computer has been compromised.

3. Enable MFA (multi-factor authenticator) when possible. Anything that can put a second layer between you and your data is important, especially if your password has been taken. 2K specifically recommends anything that uses an authenticator app, as it's the most secure method.

4. Check your email accounts and ensure no forwarding rules were added without your knowledge. If they were, a hacker could look at all of your emails without you ever knowing.

Go through these steps carefully and double-check to ensure you've done them correctly. 2K reiterates that personnel will never ask for a password or other personal information. Be cautious out there, and don't interact with 2K Games Support emails for the time being.

Momo Tabari
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