Microsoft Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 expected for March 21 event

Microsoft 'New Era of Work' event poster
(Image credit: Rael Hornby / Laptop Mag)

Microsoft's "New Era of Work" event is just over a week away, and we're likely to get a glimpse of the company's future plans for Windows, Copilot, and its Surface catalog of laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1s.

While AI, and its continued adoption by Windows 11, will almost certainly be a major part of the event, we are expecting to see new Surface devices unveiled, also. These new devices could also do away with the Surface lineup's Intel and AMD pairings, potentially making use of Intel's latest, AI-ready, NPU-sporting CPUs from the Core Ultra family and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite SoC — an ARM-based chipset rumored to deliver performance comparable to Apple's M3 silicon.

While we can't say for sure exactly what Microsoft have on the cards for the March 21 event, it's becoming more and more likely that at least two future Surface devices will be showcased. Namely, the Surface Laptop 6 and the Surface Pro 10.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 6

The Surface Laptop is Microsoft's flagship laptop and one of the company's most concentrated efforts to recreate the concept of a Windows MacBook. The latest Surface Laptop 5 is slim, lightweight, touts a minimalist design, and packs a keyboard and speaker combo that is up there with the best of them.

So why did this laptop only score three out of five when we reviewed it last year? Well, in a nut shell, middling performance, lackluster battery life, and a dated thick-bezel design.

However, when it comes to the Surface Laptop 6, each of these issues has reportedly been addressed as Microsoft has chosen to give its flagship notebook more of an overhaul than a simple refresh. 

Beyond the indication that the laptop will offer the latest Intel or Qualcomm models for a much needed performance boost, these chips are also set to offer dramatic efficiency improvements that will likely elongate the Surface Laptop's battery-life.

Also rumored to feature on the Surface Laptop 6 are trimmer screen bezels, a haptic touchpad, a secondary USB-C port, and the all-new Copilot shortcut key which will now replace the right control key.

Microsoft Surface Pro 10

The Surface Pro is Microsoft's 10th generation, 2-in-1 detachable laptop, and a popular device for its standalone tablet form factor, solid performance, and dependable battery life.

However, Microsoft is more than prepared to build on that success by reportedly upgrading the Surface Pro's display to an anti-reflective, HDR supporting, OLED panel, an ultrawide webcam to make better use of Windows Studios AI effects, and a built-in NFC reader.

Once again, the Surface Pro 10 is likely to be made available in two models, with each touting a different chipset from Intel or Qualcomm. Either of which could rocket Microsoft's hybrid tablet to being one of the most powerful options on the market, further elevated by its AI potential through upcoming feature drops arriving in the upcoming Windows 11 2H24 update.


On paper, it would seem that the Surface lineup is getting some much-needed love from Microsoft, especially after a 2023 that generally failed to impress for the lineup. However, beyond the hardware changes, the most exciting aspect of these AI PCs is what Microsoft has in store to take full advantage of their advanced capabilities.

With rumors of a much improved Windows Copilot steering an AI Explorer in systems featuring an NPU to DLSS-like upscaling and smoothing in games, Windows' AI features and software could well steal much of the spotlight during the upcoming event.

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