Xbox's commitment to game preservation makes me want to ditch my PS5

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Xbox President Sarah Bond has formed a new team focused on game preservation and back-compatibility. So you will continue to have access to classic Xbox games on future consoles.

This new game preservation squad is the latest development in Bond’s reorganization of the Xbox team at Microsoft. Since her appointment as Xbox President a few months ago, Bond has led a major effort to streamline Microsoft’s vast gaming empire. With Activision Blizzard now in the fold, Microsoft owns a massive share of the gaming market but with that expansion comes increasing organizational needs. Especially with any plans for Microsoft to corner the console market in the next generation.

What you need to know

As Windows Central reports, Bond has set up a new team designed to future-proof the Xbox games library. So when Microsoft unveils their new hardware, touted has “the biggest technical leap ever in a generation,” you will still be able to enjoy your favorite games from the Xbox, 360, Xbox One, and Series X eras.

In a company email to the Xbox team, Sarah Bond wrote "We have formed a new team dedicated to game preservation, important to all of us at Xbox and the industry itself," Bond said. "We are building on our strong history of delivering backwards compatibility to our players, and we remain committed to bringing forward the amazing library of Xbox games for future generations of players to enjoy."

Of course, this team is just getting underway and the next generation of Xbox consoles are still a ways out. So details are rather scarce for know. But just knowing you won’t lose access to older games on new hardware is still comforting.  And its far more than Sony has promised so far, which could make Xbox the leader of the next console generation.

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