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PS5 to have 'better performance' than Xbox Series X—but we have our doubts

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Most gamers suspected the Xbox Series X would win when it comes to the performance of next-generation consoles, given how much more powerful the Xbox One X is compared to the PS4 Pro. However, an industry leaker just claimed that the PS5 would be leading the charge this time around. But that claim is a bit confusing.

The leaker, Tidux, wrote a tweet that breaks down the comparison between the two consoles in a basic format:

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According to Tidux, the Xbox Series X and the PS5 have equivalent CPUs, but the Xbox Series X wins with its GPU by less than 1 Teraflop. Meanwhile the PS5 takes the victory lap with its larger RAM as well as its larger and faster SSD. 

Tidux broke this down to the PS5 having better performance than the Xbox Series X, but that doesn't really make sense.

If this leak is true, the PS5 has more RAM and games will load faster, but since they both have an SSD, the loading difference will likely be nominal. And with a better GPU, games on the Xbox Series X will still look better, similar to how the Xbox One X currently prioritizes graphics.

To top that off, Tidux has made some incorrect predictions before, stating that Death Stranding wouldn't be coming to PC, and we all know how that turned out.

Whether the PS5 will be a better performer than the Xbox Series X remains to be seen, but stay tuned to our full reviews of each product later this year.