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iPhone 13 leak suggests Apple will keep its ports — portless variant can wait

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(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

iPhone 13 leaks have been flooding in recently, with the rumour mill churning out everything from a camera redesign to new colours. Since the iPhone 12 introduced Apple's MagSafe to wirelessly charge the flagship smartphone, many have speculated if the tech giant would ditch the lightning cable port altogether.

However, according to a new leak, it's looking like Apple will not launch a portless iPhone this year, meaning it won't stray too far from its predecessor's design after all.

Portless iPhone 13 is a no go

The new leak comes from known leaker Max Weinbach, as seen on EverythingApplePro. Like with most rumours, there's no way to prove if these claims are true. That said, it would make sense for Apple to add Lightning cable support to the iPhone 13, leaving more time for the company to work on its portless variant.

As previously reported, Apple is working on a new recovery and software installation system so a portless iPhone won't have to rely on a Lightning cable to connect an iPhone to a laptop or Mac in order to restore its factory settings. Apparently, this is still in its early stages, as Apple would need to sort out potential issues such as remote hacking.

The iPhone 12's MagSafe hasn't been on the market too long, and according to recent rumours (via MacRumors), it will be coming out with its own MagSafe battery pack to attach to the flagship smartphone soon. Apple may be waiting for more users to adopt MagSafe before switching to a portless iPhone.

Instead of ports, Apple seems to be more focused on its iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max model's design and cameras, possibly even bringing in a new matte black colour variant.

While Apple's next flagship smartphone is expected to launch later on in 2021, so too is the iOS 15 update, and it looks like the tech giant is planning to build on its host of awesome features.