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Chrome update will reduce RAM usage on Mac — What you need to know

Google Chrome on Mac
(Image credit: Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock)

A new Google Chrome update is improving the browser's memory management, and could even keep your Mac cooler and quieter while browsing.

With Chrome 89, Google found a way to shrink its browser's memory footprint in background tabs on macOS, which has led to 8% memory savings. However, we can thank Tab Throttling on the Mac for leading to a 65% improvement on the Apple Energy Impact score for tabs in the background. 

According to the Chromium blog post (via MacRumors), these improvements will keep your Mac cooler and those fans quiet, as background tabs won't wake up the CPU while JavaScript Timer wake-ups will be reduced, too. This leads to Chrome using less CPU and increases its battery life by 1.25 hours.

Basically, this means users will be able to keep dozens of tabs open without it affecting their laptops, specifically their MacBook.

These improvements in the browser were seen in Chrome 87, and it's only with Chrome 89 that the browser is freeing up memory when browsing the web on Macs. If your Mac was heating up while using Chrome, this is clearly a much-needed update.  The latest version of Chrome is out now, so be sure to update to the latest edition.

As for other features, Chrome 89 is also seeing improvements in memory savings on Windows 10 with up to 22% in the browser process, 8% in the renderer, 3% in the GPU and 9% improved browser responsiveness. Chrome is on the up, but so is Microsoft Edge thanks to a handy new shortcut feature