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Yikes! Windows 10 October Update Has Another File-Deleting Issue

While it's not all that surprising that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update has some bugs, it's alarming that the recent update has deleted users' files. And just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it appears that your files are in danger once again.

Multiple Windows 10 users have reported that ZIP functions aren't prompting them with a choice of whether files should be overwritten or not.  Therefore, when attempting to unzip files to a specific folder, Windows 10 will automatically delete everything else in that folder with the same name in place of the current unzipped files.

"I've reinstalled windows and it still does it, it's only on the October update. Pretty nasty bug since you can accidentally overwrite a file and have no way of getting it back," a Reddit user writes.

This could be a critical loss of data for anyone who uses Windows 10's built-in ZIP function. On top of that, there have been reported issues that the unzipping operation isn't even working at all, so no files are being replaced whatsoever.

However, you can easily get around these issues by using a third-party application like WinRAR.

We're uncertain how far these issues have spread across Windows 10 users, but we're hoping that Microsoft is working out the kinks in the current update.