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Zact Launches First Wireless Service That Lets You Pay by the App

As cable providers continue to resist a la carte plans for TV channels, Zact has cracked the code for the wireless industry with its new service. Operating on Sprint's nationwide network, Zact users can decide how much data, voice and text they want separately. Or they can skip MB data plans and just pay by the app, whether its Facebook or Instagram ($5 each). You can even change your plan on the fly right from your smartphone.

Zact has a lot more going for it than plan flexibility. The service offers robust parental controls, allowing Mom or Dad to set usage curfews from their Zact phones. You can also allow just specific apps (such as educational games) and contacts. During a quick hands-on demo, Zact's chief marketing officer, Anna Fieler, showed us how easy it is to prevent your little ones from texting in class by setting schedules.

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Powered by ItsOn's cloud platform, Zact is family friendly in another way. Once you've created a plan that fits your needs and budget, you can share it with others for $4.99 per month. Using your phone as a dashboard, you can decide just how much voice, text and data gets assigned to each family member. 

Zact also takes the concept of rollover minutes to the next level with its Never Overpay Guarantee. Zact will automatically credit funds back to your account based on what you don't use.

How much can you save? According to Zact, the average person will pay approximately $31 per month (assuming 500 MB of data usage, 764 texts and 644 voice minutes). That's three times less than what the average subscriber pays today on other networks.

The first two Zact phones include two unsubsidized handsets from LG. The LG Viper 4G LTE costs $399, while the LG Optimus Elite costs $199. Both devices can be ordered through starting May 13th, and they are expected to ship to customers in June.

Overall, Zact looks like a compelling value for those who don't want to be forced into pricier unlimited data plans. According to Dr. Greg Raleigh, founder and CEO of parent company ItsOn, other carriers will be working with the company to bring its technology to their own networks.