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Zact Adds Free Disney Apps to Kid-Friendly Smartphone

Zact became the first wireless service provider to let parents manage their child's phone from their own handset when the company launched in May. Now, the family-friendly carrier is sweetening the deal by adding free Disney apps to its one of its devices, the $99 ZTE Awe.

The 4-inch ZTE Awe sports a 5-MP camera and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The device will come preloaded with titles such as “Toy Story: Smash It!” and “Disney Infinity: Action!” as well as Disney Video, Disney Music and the Spanish language  Disney ¡Ajá!. Zact says the off-contract phone would typically cost $169, but the handset is selling for about $70 less as part of a holiday promotion. A free four-month child starter plan is also included with the purchase, which includes 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MBs of data per month. 

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The Awe is one of several phones you can purchase through Zact, along with the $159 Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2, the $325 Samsung Galaxy S3, the $179 Samsung Galaxy Victory and $149 LG Viper LTE.

Unlike conventional smartphone data plans, Zact allows subscribers to create custom plans. When signing up for Zact’s Sprint-based service, buyers can choose the amount of talk time, text messages and MB of data they would like to pay for each month.

After creating a plan that fits, parents have the option of sharing it with others in the household for $4.99 a month directly from his or her phone. If you don’t want to opt for MB data plans, users can choose to pay by the app as well. For instance, apps such as Facebook or Instagram would cost $5 each.  

The service also comes with a robust selection of parental controls, including the ability to control a child’s phone remotely. Parents can do this by either purchasing their own Zact phone or downloading an app from the iOS or Android app store. This means you can restrict who your child can contact, which apps he can use, and when he can use the phone. Children can be rewarded with short-term access to games and additional texts as well.

Zact hasn’t specified how long it’s promotional offer on the ZTE Awe will last or what Disney apps we can expect in the future, but more information can be found here