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Yahoo Rolls Out New Weather and Email Apps

Earlier this year Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer said the company would be making a major push toward mobile, and now we’re seeing those efforts in action. On Thursday the company announced two new apps: Yahoo! Weather for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android tablets.

The new mail and weather apps clearly target the masses. While Yahoo's Finance and Search apps have been available on mobile devices for quite some time, this is the first time we’re seeing a Yahoo-branded weather app for smartphones and an email service for tablets.

Yahoo! Weather comes with a beautiful and intuitive user interface. The home screen displays the temperature in the lower left hand corner with a scenic backdrop reflecting your location’s weather, courtesy of the Flickr community. Scrolling down will reveal a more detailed hourly weather forecast as well as temperatures for the rest of the week.

Sliding down even further gives you precise predictions for what today’s temperature feels like in your location, the percentage of humidity, the positioning of the sun and moon, and a map of your area in addition to other categories. A menu button in the top right hand corner of the home screen launches a sidebar that lets you edit your locations, launch or download other Yahoo applications and manage your settings.

Both free-to-download apps are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store starting today.