This Could Be Windows 10's Next Start Menu (But Let's Hope Not)

The current Windows 10 Start menu is filled with Live Tiles, which provide constantly refreshed information. But a new look at what could be Microsoft's fully redesigned Start Menu has none of that, and a very grey and dour look that I hope doesn't make it to the final version.

According to Zac Bowden of Windows Central, these images, shared by Twitter user @NTAuthority, come from Windows 10 build 18947, a Canary build, not yet tested internally by Microsoft.

However, it was pushed to all 32-bit Windows 10 Insider Preview Build testers, even those on the slow ring cycle, which is supposed to be where you get the more stable updates.

While some of these icons look incredibly rudimentary, NTAuthority also shared proof that a GIF search engine is in testing for the Start menu. Windows Insider lead, Dona Sarkar tweeted that Microsoft is “looking into” this latest issue. 

This post originally appeared on Tom's Guide.