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Kreyos Meteor Waterproof Smart Watch Launches with Gesture Control

Smart watches haven’t fully hit the mainstream yet, but we’re seeing some interesting advancements. For instance, the newly announced Kreyos Meteor features a waterproof body capable of gesture support and voice commands. The company is currently crowd funding the project on IndieGoGo, and for $100 you can get in on the Early Adopter special that will earn you a watch when they become available.

We spent a bit of hands-on time with an early Meteor prototype and came away impressed with the Kreyos' fitness-focused approach, but not everything is working yet.

The wrist-worn device offers built-in activity trackers, meaning the Meteor can track your runs and bike rides. The watch syncs with your Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8 smartphone to deliver updates from your social networks, messages and phone calls. You can also take the device out of its wrist-worn strap (available in multiple colors) and wear it as a necklace or pendant with the optional accessories.

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Kreyos touts its new smart watch as an optimal smartphone companion for situations that call for hands-free control. For example, you can use the Meteor to control the volume of music without having to reach your smartphone or dictate text messages while driving. A company rep told us that users will even be able to customize gestures via a companion app.

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Kreyos also says it hopes to launch apps that are specific to certain sports, such as a golf swing analyzer, thanks to its built-in accelerometer and three-way gyroscope. 

Our biggest issue with the Meteor's design is that it's too easy to accidentally hit the wrong button, as two buttons flank each side of the device. Other smart watches offer touch displays, but they tend to be more expensive. The monochrome screen also isn't very bright, but the final version should be easier to read.

Kreyos claims that its Meteor smart watch can last for up to seven days on a single charge, and says that the first units are slated to ship by the holiday season.  So far the company has raised $57,465 of its $100,000 goal. The final price should be $150. The unveiling comes just as Sony is expected to launch a new smart watch at this week’s Mobile Asia Expo.